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FC Romania
Har.&Walt. FC

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26th october

Essex Senior Football League

  The Official website of FC Romania  

FC Romania was established in 2006 in London, UK. The team will play in Essex Senior League, step 5, Premier Division level 9 in English system football league, aspiring to reach the 8th english division. From 2013/2014 season FC Romania started playing to semi profesionals competitions.  

The team ojective was to play in The FA Cup, the oldest competing in the world, last season the team reached 2 qualification round. 

Until 2010, the team was financed by its own players. Since 2011, our menu sponsor is Conarg Ltd. 

FC Romania's colors are:  HOME: yellow shirts, red shorts, blue socks;  AWAY: complete sky blue.  

If you wish to join the team, please contact the team manager.